Customization - API

Customization - API

Regardless how complete a CAD system may be, there will always be customers who have unique design methods. For over 30 years MCS has been customizing its ANVIL products to meet these varying needs, and AnvilCAD Lite is no exception.

Here are few examples of how customers have maximized their CAD software through customization in order to stay ahead of their competition:

Automate Construction
Automate the construction of repetitive geometry elements like fasteners, o-ring groove detail views, smart borders & title blocks, or Bill of Materials.
Automate the construction of base geometry for elaborate dies, fixtures, and housings, whose specific details are then added manually.

Automate Drawings
Automate the construction of entire drawings and associative NC tool paths for families of parts. Because GRAPL-IV has connections to the Parametric Drafting in AnvilCAD Lite, an entire library of similar parts can be fully automated to produce complete drawings 'on the fly.'

Integrate with Other Tools
Integrate ANVIL with external tools already in place. Since GRAPL-IV has the ability to execute operating system level commands, it can interface with external programs and data.

Enhanced Tools
With todayís visual programming languages, like Visual Basic, itís possible to create visual interfaces for a variety of tools that could enhance the use of AnvilCAD Lite. Plus the VB API allows you to execute GRAPL-IV programs, letting you wrap these programs within a custom visual interface.

AnvilCAD Lite will satisfy all your CAD needs and more.

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