Drawing Layout-Paper Views

Drawing Layout (Paper Views)

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Drawing Layout provides the functions needed to create mechanical drawings from existing 2D and 3D views. Each drawing layout (DL) represents a single sheet of paper. You can have more than 1,000 DLs in a part and each DL can contain up to 110 paper views.

When you pick the Drawing Layout icon, you have these options on the Drawing Layout toolbar:

Start DL is used to create retrieve a drawing layout.

Delete a DL removes the current drawing layout from your part.

Hidden Presentation in DL controls an entity's display in the active view of a drawing layout. 

Copy Active DL creates a duplicate of the current drawing layout under a new name.

Modify DL allows change of name, size, and orientation of the drawing layout.

Place an Existing View adds the view you specify to your drawing layout.

Translate Paper View moves a paper view to a new position within the drawing layout.

Delete a Paper View removes the paper view you indicate from the drawing layout.

Copy a Paper View creates a duplicate of the paper view you indicate in a new position within the drawing layout.

Scale a Paper View changes the scale at which a paper view is displayed.

Clip a Paper View is used to specify, modify or delete a clipping border.

Copy a Paper View to a DL duplicates the paper view you indicate in another drawing layout or in the current DL.

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