File Management

File Management

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The File Menu contains functions and settings pertaining to AnvilCAD parts. It also retains a list of the ten most recently used files, and displays them for quick reference at the bottom of the menu.

New (CTRL-N) closes the current part and creates a new empty part file. 

Open (CTRL-O) closes the current part and opens an existing part file.

Save (CTRL-S) saves the current part file to disk. 

Save As saves the current part file to disk under a different name. 

Compress reduces the size of your part files. 

Units sets the units of measurement (decimal inches, millimeters, etc) used in your part file.

Preferences calls up the dialog box used to establish various system default settings.

Directory and File Preferences provides file and directory control for the numerous file types used by AnvilCAD.
System Preferences provides startup and interaction controls that affect how you work in AnvilCAD.
New Part Preferences establishes several defaults, system-related startup settings for use when opening a new part.
Current Part Preferences establishes several system-related startup settings in the current part file.

Modal Record saves all the current modal settings (properties) to a disk file. This file can then be read into new parts, thereby customizing the initial state of the part to meet your particular requirements.

Import is used to bring data into AnvilCAD from external sources, such as, IGES, DXF/DWG, ANVIL-1000, and others. 

Export is to transfer AnvilCAD data to other systems via, IGES, DXF/DWG, ANVIL-1000, and others. 

Print (CTRL-P) makes a hard copy (raster image) of your current part display on any device that is installed as a system printer.

Plot (CTRL-L) makes a hard copy (vector image) of all or part of your part on any device that is installed as a system printer or plotter. 

Print Setup allows you to adjust the driver settings for all installed printers that you have access to. 

Send allows you to send a copy of the current part to another person, typically by e-mail or fax. 

The Recent File List shows the last ten part files opened in AnvilCAD. 

Exit closes both the current part file and AnvilCAD itself.

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