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When you pick the Manipulation icon on the main toolbar, you have these options on the Manipulation toolbar.

Move/Copy/Scale allows you to transform geometry by scaling it, moving it, rotating it, and mirroring it. You also can create multiple copies of your geometry as part of the transformation. These operations can be concatenated (combined) in any way you wish, and they can be either 2-D or 3-D transformations.

Easy Move repositions the entities you select in relation to a base position and a target position you specify.

Easy Rotate repositions the entities you select in relation to a rotation axis and angle you specify.

Easy Scale resizes the entities you select in relation to a scaling position and a scale value you specify.

Easy Mirror repositions the entities you select in relation to a mirror axis you specify.

Stretch allows you to move a portion of geometry that is connected together. It moves specified entities and stretches, or extends, curves connected to those entities that are moved.

Resize scales all the entities in your part in a single operation, based on the resize scale factor you enter.

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