Selection Control

Selection Control

One of AnvilCAD Liteís strengths is its wide range of entity selection tools. Instead of restricting you to single or region selection methods, AnvilCAD Lite offers over a dozen methods to optimize the entity selection process - more than any Lite CAD system available!

This may include any one or more of the following:

Single select is where a single entity is selected for each left mouse click.

Chain select highlights contiguous curves with a single left mouse click.

Inside rectangle selects entities inside a rectangular region.

Outside rectangle selects entities outside a rectangular region.

Inside polygon selects entities inside an irregular shaped polygon of 3 or more sides.

Outside polygon selects entities outside an irregular shaped polygon.

All displayed is where all entities in the current zoom window are selected.

Characteristic is where entities can be selected by entity type, color, weight, curve font, pen number, or level designation.

Level is where entities can be selected by a single level or range of levels.

Select from Group selects entities within a group or the group itself.

Disallow identifies entities that are not to be included in a subsequent selection operation.

Unselect identifies entities that are to be unselected from a previous selection operation.

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