Trim-Extend Curves

Trim/Extend Curves

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The ability to trim and extend one or more curves to a specified boundary point or curve is a tool you will use frequently as you create and refine your design. 

AnvilCAD Lite allows you to trim or extend lines, arcs, circles, 2-D splines, and members of a group.

The Trim toolbar contains these options:

One End trims or extends just one end of the selected curve(s).

Two Ends trims or extends both ends of the selected curve(s) to the specified pair of boundaries.

Middle is similar to Two Ends, except that the portion of the curve(s) between the boundaries is deleted, leaving the two outside ends.

Intersection trims or extends the two curves you select to their point of intersection. The curve end that is closer to the selection position is the one that changes.

Two Ends of Duplicate is identical to Two Ends, except that AnvilCAD Lite duplicates the curve you select and then trims or extends only the copy.

Easy Trim automatically determines which boundaries to use after you select the portion of the curve you wish to trim. Of the possible boundaries it uses the one closest to the selection position. 

Easy Extend is similar to Easy Trim, except that the selected curve's end is extended to the nearest boundary. 

Separate splits a curve into two separate curves at the boundary. This is useful for trimming gaps in the middle of a curve, as the gap value is user entered.

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