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From the most experienced developers of CAD systems in the world comes the latest in a long line of products that have become the standard production tool used by thousands of companies for over 30 years.

Whether you’re designing complex assemblies or simple details, the need to move quickly around the CAD drawing area is a vital part of your CAD experience. AnvilCAD Lite provides a wide range of tools for panning around and zooming in and out of the work area.

Unlike other CAD systems, AnvilCAD Lite provides more than just the core zooming functions:

Diagonal Zoom lets you zoom to a diagonal area.

Zoom All fits all the displayed geometry into the window.

Zoom Half lets you zoom in at half the current scale factor.

Zoom Double lets you zoom out at twice the current scale factor.

Zoom Center lets you specify the center of the zoom area and the zoom scale factor.

Zoom Enter Scale lets you specify the zoom scale factor.

Previous Zoom lets you redisplay a previous zoom window.

Additional tools can greatly improve the efficiency of the zooming process – and these tools you’ll find in AnvilCAD Lite:

Save Zoom window lets you name a zoom window for later reference. This eliminates the need to cycle through previous zooms just to get to the one you need.

Retrieve Zoom window lets you display a zoom window from your list of saved zoom windows.

Quick Pan keys give you full-time access to the arrow keys on the keyboard & let you pan a whole page in one of four directions. Using the Shift key with an arrow key lets you pan half a page in one of four directions.

Pan Page Overlap lets you adjust how much of a page is used when panning with the arrow keys.

AnvilCAD Lite will satisfy all your CAD needs and more.

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