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The finest tribute a company can receive is when its customers tell the world how our products helped them succeed. MCS CAD/CAM systems have been helping companies succeed for more than 30  years, and we're pleased to share some of those successes here.

As you read, bear in mind that MCS's new flagship, ANVIL EXPRESS, contains and builds on the strengths of its predecessor, ANVIL-5000. ANVIL EXPRESS provides high-end functionality at a mid-range price, making it a superior value compared to today's other CAD programs.

Quick Quotes

Equip USA is the designer of Timberline and Timberlite Knives, a line of custom and collectible knives. Equip has created some of the most sough-after, innovative designs available using ANVIL software:

"Creating a functional, esthetically pleasing shape for a knife handle requires the use of many different surface types that can be intersected and blended together. A lot of CAD systems do not have that kind of sophistication, but this is where ANVIL excels."


General Tire uses ANVIL software to design auto and truck tires:

"At General Tire, it makes sense to use a high-performance CAD system such as ANVIL for the development of our high-performance tires."


Irwin Seating Co. has been using the ANVIL system for years to design and manufacture seats. You probably didn't know that the last time you went to the movies, a ball game, or even the opera, you were more than likely sitting in an Irwin seat designed with ANVIL:

"We switched to the ANVIL product line from another leading system because we found it to be the best 3-D design and manufacturing system on the market today. We looked at all the others and this was just a better choice for us."


Major Tool is an aerospace and automotive tooling shop that can handle 2-axis through 5-axis machining. Major tooling systems and finished parts are standard uses of ANVIL software at Major Tool:

"When our programmers learned the ANVIL system, we began to see a whole new realm of possibilities for the types of parts each one of them could create and the turnaround we could expect. We would have to turn away half of our work now if we were restricted to our old language-based programming."


Monolith, Ltd. is fast at work with finely detailed custom jewelry frames, brackets, and mounts, all designed and manufactured using ANVIL EXPRESS:

"Using ANVIL EXPRESS, we are able to machine the most complex brackets and frames for our custom jewelry out of gold the first time! We have not seen the ability to design, detail, and manufacture our products in one software system anywhere other than with ANVIL and MCS."


New Mexico State University has one of the finest engineering programs in the nation because of its relationship with MCS and the ANVIL product line:

"We're working on a higher level with the ANVIL products. We have students doing Ph.D. research utilizing CAD/CAM technology which they wouldn't have been able to do without the MCS system."


Othy, Inc. designs and manufactures complex, precise medical instruments. No easy task, but with ANVIL software, Othy is able to meet the challenge:

"Through the ANVIL software, we are able to optimize a total CAD/CAM solution for the first time in our company's history."


Power Shift Production, Inc. is the world's leading propeller manufacturer for airboats. Using ANVIL, PSP creates the 3-D model and then uses that to generate the tool path data which is sent to a 5-axis CNC machine for manufacturing:

"Propellers are very demanding, partially free-form shapes. Airfoils and pitch distribution must conform exactly to predetermined constraints while blending to shanks. Also, the hubs must be free-form and aesthetically pleasing. With ANVIL, we were able to create these exacting shapes, develop accurate tool paths, and produce the molds to cast the composite propeller."


Titan Wheel is hard at work designing and manufacturing standard and custom wheels with ANVIL software:

"ANVIL has given Titan Wheel the ability to surface machine tooling for our rim and disk components. Some of the most powerful features that enable us to produce are surface modeling, trimming, projecting to a surface, and 3-D mirroring."


Urschel Manufacturing uses all facets of its ANVIL software to design after-market parts and accessories for water vehicles like Kawasaki's Jet Ski. Urschel also does component manufacturing for motorcycles such as Harley Davidson:

"ANVIL software and the people of MCS have played an irreplaceable role in allowing our engineering department to keep up with the demands of both the watercraft industry and the motorcycle industry. With the ANVIL system, you can modify and customize almost every feature, depending on your needs, and the software is easy to use."


Custom Electronics, Inc. is a developer of highly reliable, high voltage mica paper capacitors, precision Teflon capacitors, and complex electrical assemblies.

"At Custom Electronics, Inc. we have incorporated ANVIL Express for our design and engineering personnel. All our drawings are based from when we began using ANVIL's DOS-based version in 1996 through today, using the new ANVIL Express. This has reduced our design cycle time, making it possible to provide the customer with accurate, easy to read drawings and sketches."


Union Mold is a producer of high quality tools and dies:

"Today's market demands quick deliveries and competitive prices in the tool and die trade. ANVIL Express allows us to make those short deliveries and out-compete the other tool companies using other brands of software. High performance CAD-CAM is the key to staying ahead of the competition and building high quality tools!. Thanks ANVIL!!! Keep up the good work!"


Novamold Inc. is involved in a wide variety of services relating to the production of plastic components and molded products.

"ANVIL Express has given us all of the tools we require in a fully integrated CAD/CAM system. The ability to model accurate product concepts through part design and mold making in one system makes the whole design and manufacturing process so much easier for us and our customers. Our mold makers are very pleased with the flexibility of the machining features. We spent considerable time evaluating nearly every CAD/CAM product on the market and Anvil Express has met all of our expectations and keeps on proving itself everyday."


Arrow United Industries is a major manufacturer of HVAC products:

"ANVIL Express has one of the fastest learning curves I have ever witnessed. Our new drafts people and designers can fully function using ANVIL Express in a matter of days, not weeks or months like other CAD software. We are a major manufacturer of HVAC products, and deal with mechanical and architectural drafting. Anvil Express handles both without any problems. We have had excellent success importing and exporting drawings between CAD platforms, the translators are second to none! Our design to production time has been cut in half by the use of ANVIL products. THANK YOU!"

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