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Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is one of the most powerful parts of the ANVIL EXPRESS system. MILL, TURN, and WIRE EDM are available in three complementary modules.




2 1/2-Axis Machining
The 2 1/2-axis machining module includes everything in Design Drafter, but the heart of this module is its 2 1/2-axis milling, drilling and engraving capabilities. Because Mill is integrated with design, ANVIL EXPRESS provides bi-directional associativity between your geometry and your tool paths. Change the geometry, and you can update your tool paths automatically.

3 1/2-Axis Machining
The 3-axis machining module includes single or multi-surface milling capability that can include hundreds of surfaces in a single tool path. 3-axis machining also lets you choose from a variety of machining options, each of which imparts a different character to the finished part. They include Constant-angle machining, Constant parameter - based on surface parameters, Plane-slice roughing and Waterline machining. Text can be projected to any 3D surface for 3-axis engraving

5-Axis Machining
For the most advanced machining capabilities, ANVIL EXPRESS also includes a 5-axis machining module. It allows your ANVIL EXPRESS system to handle exceptionally complex tasks on the most versatile and powerful machine tools. You can perform both end and swarf cuts, with complete control over the tool lead and/or tilt angle.


Turning & Drilling
Lathe is included in the 2 1/2-axis machining module. It allows you to do all your turning requirements such as blanking, contouring, grooving, threading and drilling. Because lathe is integrated with design, ANVIL EXPRESS provides bi-directional associativity between your geometry and your tool paths. Change the geometry, and you can update your tool paths automatically.


Wire EDM
ANVIL EXPRESS system includes a powerful wire EDM module that can create both 2-axis and 4-axis contouring tool paths and coreless pocket tool paths that help prevent unwanted pieces of stock from shorting out the wire. The wire EDM module is designed for mold makers, extrusion-die makers, and others who need the special cutting capabilities only wire EDM can provide. These include the ability to machine smooth blends between complex, greatly differing top and bottom shapes and the ability to machine hard materials such ashigh-grade steel that are difficult to cut using other methods.

Regardless of the modules you choose, there are four key capabilities that set ANVIL EXPRESS CAM apart from the competition:

  • Process-based manufacturing
  • NCPost postprocessor
  • ANVIL Verify simulation and verification
  • Integrated with design tools

Process-Based Manufacturing
ANVIL EXPRESS uses what are called "modal files" to collect process information for all NC tool paths. This information can then be reused, which allows you to preserve and build on the work already done by skilled NC programmers. Among the benefits you receive, these are paramount:

  • Reduced NC programming times
  • Improved quality and consistency
  • Ability to warehouse and reuse machining data

In fact, the more you use ANVIL EXPRESS CAM and save modal files for different processes, the more powerful and effective it becomes.

The NCPost numerical-control postprocessor is provided at no extra cost with every ANVIL EXPRESS CAM system, and supports all output up through 4-axis. It comes with templates for many of the most popular machine tools, and because these templates are ASCII text files, they can easily be adapted to work with machine tools that are not directly supported.

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ANVIL Verify
Like NCPost, ANVIL Verify Lite is included in every ANVIL EXPRESS CAM system. ANVIL Verify is a graphical tool-path simulation and verification program that makes it easy to inspect and adjust your tool paths on your computer screen. Using a computer to simulate machining operations eliminates the cost and time needed to produce multiple machined prototypes.

As a bonus, ANVIL Verify Lite, like all ANVIL EXPRESS modules, can output Windows bitmap files. You can use these to show any stage in the simulation and verification process, including the final, completed product. These are useful for process planning, engineering review, management reports, presentations, and sales materials.

Integrated CAD Through CAM
ANVIL EXPRESS CAM is fully integrated with the rest of the ANVIL EXPRESS system. This gives you two key benefits that cannot be matched by stand-alone NC programs:

  • Tool paths are based directly on design data
  • Tool paths are bidirectionally associative with part geometry

The first means you have continuous access to your design data, without the use of translators or interfaces. The second enables tool paths to be automatically updated when the part geometry changes, a real time-saver.

Learning More
You need a CAM system that can handle every phase of the art-to-part process as part of a complete 21st Century CAD-through-CAM system, and you get it without waiting for the next millennium: ANVIL EXPRESS is available today.

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