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SNAP2-3D is the ultimate SOLUTION for automatically converting 2D drawings to true 3D Solid Models without the 3D modeling learning curve. SNAP2-3D helps design and manufacturing firms create or import 2D drawings and produce an accurate, machinable Solid Model in seconds, not hours or days.


How can you benefit from SNAP2-3D?

  • Minor drawing deficiencies (gaps, over-laps, segmented entities, poly-lines for circles etc.) are healed automatically. SNAP2-3D does all that work for you!
  • Save the time and expense of training 2D draftsmen to become 3D designers, and eliminate the investment in a more expensive 3D oriented work force. No learning curve to 3D!

Who needs SNAP2-3D?

  • Any company with 2D drawings which communicate with 3D processes
  • Any manufacturing or analysis company that imports 2D geometry to process
  • Any company with 2D drawings which must be communicated to a solids modeler

What can SNAP2-3D do?

Here are just a few samples of the type of parts SNAP2-3D can automatically create into a solid model. Click on an image to see the complete 2D drawing.

Time 10 seconds 4 seconds 5 seconds 18 seconds
Revolved Parts

Time 4 seconds 5 seconds 8 seconds 14 seconds
Extruded Parts

Time 6 seconds 25 seconds 6 seconds 5 seconds
Extruded Parts

Time 4 seconds 3 seconds 12 seconds 4 seconds
Intersect Parts

Learning More
Industry in the 21st Century will be faster paced and more competitive than anything you have ever seen, and yesterday's CAD/CAM tools just won't do the job. You need a 21st Century CAD-through-CAM system with the special strengths of SNAP2-3D, and you can get it without waiting for the next millennium: ANVIL EXPRESS is available today.

So don't be left behind. Register to get your free 30-day trial download, or contact our Cave Creek office for pricing and availability.

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