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2D - 3D Design Drafting Software

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Design Drafting SOFTWARE

Best Design/Drafting software - AnvilCAD Lite provides flexible, powerful, and efficient drafting - the absolute best value in Design software with more automatic functions than most high-priced CAD software systems.

AnvilCAD Lite is a 2D - 3D software system. It was created by MCS - the world’s FIRST mechanical CAD company (founded in 1971) and the producer of the leading Lite product in the CAD 3D Software arena. 

While most Lite Design software products promise CAD, few, if any of the "over $2000.00" CAD software packages can match the Design and Drafting capabilities of AnvilCAD Lite:

  • National Standards provides your choice of seven national drafting standards that are preprogrammed into AnvilCAD Lite drafting software. Included are ANSI 1973, ANSI 1982, BSI, DIN, ISO, JIS, and ASME 1994. In addition you can customize the AnvilCAD Lite drafting software with your own corporate standards.

  • Full featured section analysis and curve analysis to give power to the 3D software.

  • AnvilCAD Lite provides a set of geometric tools and geometry management unrivaled by any Lite CAD 3D software.

  • 100% of all geometry is mathematical, with 64 bit precision and no approximations.

  • All planar curves (circles, conics and splines) can be defined and any view (work plane) desired, creating true 3D curves from true 3D software.

  • All generic operations involving curves (intersect, offset, trim, extend, dimension, label, boundary etc.) can use points, lines, circles, conics and splines.

  • All AnvilCAD Lite curves can be extruded normal to the view they lie in. The resulting geometry consists of both the extruded profile and the rail lines connecting the top and bottom profiles producing a full 3D software generated object.

  • AnvilCAD Lite provides for flexible, powerful, and efficient drafting. It is more versatile and complete than any system, and excels over most of the high priced 3D software CAD systems.

At $595.00 AnvilCAD Lite is the run-away best buy in Mechanical CAD systems, not only for Lite 3D software but high priced, full 3D software systems as well.

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