ReAnsys: Surface Modeler Module
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The ANVIL EXPRESS Surface Modeler can create almost any type of surface you are ever likely to need. The available surface types include:

  • Free-form NURB surfaces
  • Blending surfaces
  • Analytic surfaces (planes, cones, etc.)
  • Curve-based mesh, surface of revolution, projected, and curve-driven surfaces
  • Trimmed surfaces

The NURB surfaces can handle tasks as demanding as that of modeling the cornea in the human eye, in which shape differences as minuscule as one-half of a micron need to be accounted for. Surface Modeler can blend as many as four surfaces together, with regular-shape or varying-shape blends. It also includes curve and surface editors that can adjust your geometry after it has been created.

  • 3-D splines and other non-planar geometry
  • Software hidden line and shading
  • Stereolithography output
  • Mass properties analysis



Hidden Line and Shading
Surface Modeler's hidden line and shading functions provide a powerful set of tools for displaying your design:

  • Constant, Gouraud, and Phong shading
  • Wireframe faceting
  • Blanked, dimmed, or dashed hidden lines
  • Light-source control

If you wish, you can use a different display mode in each on-screen view of your design. In addition, if you need photo-realistic images or animated sequences, the ANVIL Render/Animator module works directly with your surface model's design data.


Prototyping and Analysis
To help you evaluate your design, ANVIL EXPRESS' Surface Modeler module can output standard-format stereolithography files, which are accepted by a variety of prototyping and analysis programs.

In addition, Surface Modeler includes a mass properties function that provides detailed information about the geometric properties of your model. These include its volume, surface area, centers of mass, and radii of gyration. This allows many key factors about your design to be evaluated without using a finite-element analysis program.

Learning More
Surface modeling plays a key role in many important CAD/CAM processes. NC programmers frequently need surface models as a basis for their tool paths. Also, surface data is generally required for specialized prototyping and analysis programs, as well as filling the gap in traditional solid modelers.

You need a 21st Century CAD-through-CAM system with the power of advanced surface modeling, and you can get it without waiting for the next millennium: ANVIL EXPRESS is available today.

So don't be left behind. Register to get your free 30-day trial download.

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